European Research Council (ERC) grants are relevant for the scientific growth of researchers, by giving them the opportunity to consolidate research activities or to start as a PI. "Let's talk. A conversation with ERC grantees "is a series of informal interviews where researchers tell about their experience, the meaning they attribute to scientific research, their goals and the moment when they faced ERC selection for funding, but also their cultural and sport interests and the moving from a foreign country to Italy, in IIT.


Cristina Becchio


Cristina Becchio is the coordinator of C’MoN Unit at IIT, investigating how intentions are extracted from body motion during interaction among people. Her research approach is at the intersection of motor cognition and social cognition, studying the relationship between the “mental” and the “motor”. She has been identifying experimental strategies for measuring the observability of other minds. She got her ERC grant in 2013, she has a background in philosophy and she is a medium-distance runner.


Mario Caironi is the coordinator of Printed and Molecular Electronics Lab of IIT in Milan. He is currently interested in high resolution printing techniques. In 2014 he got his ERC grant for the project Heroic, aiming at developing a next generation of printable, lightweight flexible and large-area electronics which can operate at high frequency. He is an engineer, a runner and a father. He likes reading books and one of his favourite is Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh.

Mario Caironi