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Research at IIT is carried out in the Central Research Laboratories in Genoa, 11 IIT research centers across Italy and 2 IIT outstations in US.

IIT Strategic Plan (2018-2023) is based on 4 Research Domains relating to the main areas of our Institute (Robotics, Nanomaterials,  Lifetech and Computational Sciences). Each Domain is developed  by a number of fully independent Principal Investigators (PIs) working in the main laboratory or the IIT research centers.

Each center is coordinated by a director and its PIs and teams may contribute to one or more Programs while developing their research lines according to the Research Matrix developed by the Institute.

There are currently more than 80 independent PIs and Facility Coordinators at IIT developing the 4 Domains in a fully cross-disciplinary research environment. Scientists with more than 20 different profiles (spanning from medicine to engineering) work together to implement the Institute’s strategic plan 2018-2023.

Advanced research and innovation are the key elements for the competitiveness of any country. In this context, attracting the best scientists worldwide is essential. The aim is to generate and promote a widespread culture of innovation in the long run. In order to achieve this goal IIT applies a recruitment process based on international “Peer review” methods to employ talented scientists, providing them with fully equipped laboratories and excellent research facilities. IIT adopts the tenure-track recruiting system through peer evaluation, which is made by panels of external experts. The tenure track system at IIT goes from a junior (maximum 5 years) to a senior level (further 5 years maximum). The target to reach at steady state is to have approximately 15% of the total scientific staff hired as tenured scientists.