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Added on: 21/09/2020 - Expires on: 29/09/2020

IIT has established a collaboration with Università degli studi di Genova and funds 2 scholarships linked to 2 PhD positions available at the PhD course in Physics and Nanosciences, curriculum Physics organized by the Department of Physics of the Università.

Research and training activities are jointly conducted between the University and IIT infrastructures in Genoa, at the Quantum Materials Theory Research Line led by its Principal Investigator, Sergey Artyukhin.

The proposed research themes are the following:

  • Effects of electron-phonon interactions in multiferroics

Abstract: Multiferroics are functional materials that host multiple orders, for example, ferroelectricity and magnetism. They hold a promise to revolutionize information storage by combining magnetic storage and electric writing and readout. The key to this goal is in achieving strong interactions between these orders, that is, between structural and electronic degrees of freedom. The project will combine phenomenological theory and first-principles calculations to investigate the effects of these interactions on magnetoelectricity, non-reciprocal optical effects and magnetoelectric switching. The results are expected to be important for understanding ultrafast physics in multiferroics, the area that is rapidly developing at the moment. We will also study the implications for materials for optoelectronics, in collaboration with active experimental effort at the Institute.

  • Functional devices based on domain walls

Abstract: Ferroelectric and other structural domain boundaries are natural 2D objects that are easy to tailor. Although atomically thin, they host a wealth of useful functionalities, for example, current rectification and microwave signal transmission and splitting were experimentally demonstrated. Our group combines field theory methods and atomistic simulations to address important questions at the forefront of this exciting field. The topics include electronic structure and localized excitations at domain walls, emergent phenomena, domain wall-based magnetoelectric effects and switching in multiferroics. The activities involve collaborations with top experimental groups in the field.

Successful candidates will be part of an exciting and international working environment and will work in brand new laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Excellent communication skills in English, as well as ability to interact effectively with members of the research team, are mandatory.

In order to apply for these positions, it is mandatory to refer to the procedures administered by the Università degli studi di Genova. The official call is available at this link: Ph.D. programmes

The web page offers on separate files

For further information on the PhD theme, you can contact Dr Sergey Artyukhin sergey.artyukhin@iit.it

Please, apply before deadline: 29 SEPTEMBER 2020 12:00 (noon – Italian time); the application process is not immediate: don’t wait for the final day

Involved Research lines
Quantum Materials Theory


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