Tecnico Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) e Gestione Biobanca

15/10/2020 - 2000003E
  La Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) sta attualmente ricercando un Tecnico di laboratorio con esperienza nelle attività di laboratorio sanitario e con competenze nella produzione di dati di Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) e nella gestione quotidiana della Biobanca con Laurea o Master in Biotecnologie, Tecniche di Laboratorio Biomediche o similari. La posizione, a ...

One post-doctoral position in “Variations and transcription in health, disease and the nervous system”

15/10/2020 - 20000038
One post-doctoral position is available within the Non-coding RNAs and RNA-based therapeutics Research Line to study genomic variations in normal and diseased nervous systems. The aim is to design and exploit bioinformatics pipeline to identify, annotate and data-mine genomic variants from next generation sequencing data. The ideal candidate has a PhD in computational or functional genomics or ...

Fellow position for Gas Fermentation Project

15/10/2020 - 20000032
We are looking for a fellow position in gas fermentation for biological methane and methanol production: lab-scale study. The selected candidate will join the Systems and Synthetic Biology team at the Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies (CSFT) in Turin. We carry out research and development in the field of gas fermentation for potential industrial application (i.e. CO2 stream upgrade, bio- ...

Researcher position for the development and application of bioinformatics tools for genomics data

15/10/2020 - 20000034
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT is looking for an experienced scientist to develop and apply bioinformatics tools for genomics data within the project 5000genomi@VdA (center CMP3 at Aosta, Italy). This Position is funded by FESR “5000genomi@vda” CUP B68H19005520007 granted by Regione Autonoma Valle D’Aosta For further information regarding the project, please visit ...

Post-Doctoral position in Single Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystal Spectroscopy

17/10/2020 - 20000004
The Photonic Nanomaterials Research Line at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia is looking for one Post-doctoral scientist to carry out spectroscopic studies of single colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals as well as ensembles of nanocrystals. The successful candidate will work in the newly created Photonic Nanomaterials research line within the Nanomaterials research domain, in the framework of the Eu ...

Postdoctoral position in Experimental Neuroscience

20/10/2020 - 20000033
The Functional Neuroimaging Research Line (, at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT in Rovereto, Italy, is seeking a Postdoc interested in studying the neural basis of connectivity disruption in brain connectopathies. Our research is aimed at identifying the general neural and cellular principles governing the assembly of brain-wide fun ...

Postdoctoral position in “Computational Neuroscience”

27/10/2020 - 20000039
A postdoctoral position is available at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT within the team of Prof. Stefano Panzeri ( The successful candidate will conduct research between the IIT Laboratory of Neural Computation of Prof. Panzeri and the IIT research outstation at Harvard Medical School, in Boston, specifically in collaboration w ...

Postdoc Position on Multimodal Optical Microscopy with applications in Biophysics

28/10/2020 - 2000003A
Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT ( invites qualified level applicants for a Postdoc position at the Nanoscopy&NIC@IIT Research Line lead by Prof. Alberto Diaspro. We are looking for a skillful and motivated young scientist with a background in biology, biophysics or closely related discipline with previous experience in fluorescence labeling and imaging. The candida ...

Post-doctoral position optical spectroscopy

30/10/2020 - 2000002T
The Optoelectronics Research Line at IIT in Genoa is seeking a highly motivated and talented candidate in the fields of optical spectroscopy and nanodevices. The research topic targets photophysics of colloidal nanomaterials and of semiconductor and metal nanostructures, as well as of metamaterials. One particular aim focuses on tuning and modulating the emission and absorbance of emitte ...

Senior Mechanical Engineer

15/11/2020 - 2000003D
The Rehab Technologies Lab at IIT ( ) is seeking to appoint a full-time Senior Mechanical engineer (fixed term contract).   The project will be a technological challenge in which IIT and an internationally recognized clinical partner will share resources, competencies and motivation to achieve excellent results transferable to the medical field.   ...


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