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Gabriel Baud-Bovy

Visiting scientist
Team Leader

Research Line

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


+39 010 2897 202
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Gabriel Baud-Bovy has a MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Experimental Psychology. He is assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the San Raffaele University. In 2011, he joined the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova where he is leading the Dynamic Touch and Interaction (DTI) Lab at the Robotic, Brain and Cognitive Science (RBCS) department.  Since 2012, he is associate editor of IEEE Transaction on Haptics.

His research interests are rooted in the realization that sensori-motor coordination is still one of the most difficult problem to solve. The research activity at the DTI is focused on the hand, the haptic perception of objects and haptic exploration of the environment, the control of finger forces in multi-finger grasp and, more generally, physical interaction in the manipulation of objects.  He has expertise in the technical development of experimental setups, kinematic and dynamic analysis of movement, behavioural and psychophysical techniques, and the modelling of perceptual and decisional processes.

  • Haptics, Motor Control, Sensory Integration, Rehabilitation, Development.
  • Sensory, Perceptual and Decisional Processes Modelling, Biomechanical Modelling
  • Robotics, Haptic devices, Development of experimental setups.
  • Methodology, Data Analysis, Psychophysical and Statistical Methods


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