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Marco Piccardo

Team Leader

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Vectorial Nano-imaging


CNST@PoliMi Milano


Via Giovanni Pascoli 70, Milano
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Marco Piccardo is a Researcher and Team Leader at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Milan (Italy) studying metasurface-enhanced active photonic sources. He is also an Associate Researcher at Harvard University, where he did his postdoctoral studies in the group of Federico Capasso, exploring semiconductor laser frequency combs.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from Ecole Polytechnique working on the fundamental electronic processes responsible for the efficiency drop of blue light-emitting diodes at high-current operation, such as Anderson localization and Auger recombination. He received his BSc. in Physics from Università degli Studi di Torino, and a MSc. in Physics from Ecole Normale Superieure and Ecole Polytechnique.

He is the recipient of the Young Physicist Award "G. F. Bassani" (2016) of the Italian Physical Society, and laureate of the PhD Award "Innovative Materials and Applications" of the Université Paris-Saclay. Since 2019 he is the Event Chair of the Integrated Photonics group of the Optical Society of America. He holds 4 patent applications in photonics. 


Nano-optics Frequency Combs Quantum Cascade Lasers Solid-State Lasers Metasurfaces Structured light

Selected Publications

M Piccardo, B Schwarz, D Kazakov, M Beiser, N Opačak, Y Wang, S Jha, J Hillbrand, M Tamagnone, W T Chen, A Y Zhu, L L Columbo, A Belyanin, F Capasso, Frequency combs induced by phase turbulenceNature 582,  360-364 (2020)

V Ginis, M Piccardo, M Tamagnone, J Lu, M Qiu, S Kheifets, F Capasso, Remote structuring of near-field landscapes, Science 369, 436-440 (2020)

P Chevalier, A Armizhan, F Wang, M Piccardo, S G Johnson, F Capasso, H O Everitt, Widely tunable compact terahertz gas lasers, Science 366, 856-860 (2019)

M Piccardo, P Chevalier, B Schwarz, D Kazakov, Y Wang, A Belyanin, F Capasso, Frequency-modulated combs obey a variational principle, Physical Review Letters 122, 253901 (2019)

M Piccardo, M Tamagnone, B Schwarz, P Chevalier, N A Rubin, Y Wang, C A Wang, M K Connors, D McNulty, A Belyanin, F Capasso, Radio frequency transmitter based on a laser frequency comb, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 9181-9185 (2019)

M Piccardo, D Kazakov, N A Rubin, P Chevalier, Y Wang, F Xie, K Lascola, A Belyanin, F Capasso, Time-dependent population inversion gratings in laser frequency combs, Optica 5, 475-478 (2018)

D Kazakov, M Piccardo, Y Wang, P Chevalier, T S Mansuripur, F Xie, C Zah, KLascola, A Belyanin, F Capasso, Self-starting harmonic frequency comb generation in a quantum cascade laser, Nature Photonics 11, 789 (2017)


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