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Andrea Grimoldi

Affiliated Researcher
PhD candidate

Research Line

Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics


CNST@PoliMi Milano


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Born in Varese in 1988 he received the Master degree in Electronics Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 2012 with an experimental thesis on Inkjet printed photodetectors for X-ray imaging applications. From 2013 he is a PhD student at the Department of Electronics, Information and Biomedical and at the Center for Nano Science and Technology in Milan working on printed organic photodetectors and their applications.

His research work focuses on the fabrication and characterization of organic-based passive pixel developed by inkjet printing for large area imaging sensors.



Inkjet printing of integrated organic optolectronic devices: from molecular design to a digital X-ray imager

We aim at studying the physical, chemical and technological aspects involved in the development of a specific optoelectronic device based on organic semiconductors made of a vertically multi-layered photodiode, serving as conversion element from the photon flux to electrical current, coupled to a Field Effect Transistor as addressing element. This complex optoelectronic device defines a high functionality pixel that, replicated in an array, is the basis of an image detector. The perspective application will be the digital X-ray image sensor array, in which the matrix of pixels mentioned above is coupled to a scintillator for the conversion of X-ray radiation into visible photons, with the aim of replacing the slow, conventional film-based X-ray process with an instantly digitized X-ray image. We choose this application since it is inherently a large-area one, as images to be acquired are often larger than 10x10 cm2 and no convenient focusing solutions are available for X-ray.


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