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Sahitya Kumar Avugadda

Post Doc Fellow
Post Doc fellow

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Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications


IIT Central Research Labs Genova

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Dr. Sahitya Kumar Avugadda completed his Ph.D in the curricula of Nanochemistry from university of Genova in 2020, under supervision of Dr. Teresa Pellegrino (from Italian Institute of Technology). He received Masters in chemistry from the University of Siena, Italy in 2016 and Masters in Clinical Research Management from PRIST University, India in 2011, and Bachelors in Chemistry & Biotech from Andhra University, India in 2009. He previously worked in Merck Sereno, Mumbai India as a Clinical Research Associate of monitoring clinical trials. Currently, he is doing postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Teresa Pellegrino at the Italian Institute of Technology Genoa, Italy. His research interests focus on the design and synthesis of multi-functional theranostic nanoassemblies of inorganic nanoparticles for cancer treatment and diagnosis.


Magnetic nanoparticles Anisotropic self-assembling of nanoparticles nano-formulations Surface chemistry Biomolecules functionalization Drug delivery Magnetic hyperthermia Cancer therapy Magnetic resonance imaging Magnetic Particle imaging Diagnostic nano-platforms.


Mesoscale assembling of inorganic nanoparticles of cancer theranostic applications.


YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD” at “14th International summer school of nanoscience & Nanotechnologies 2019”, Thessaloniki Greece.


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