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XoSoft Coordinator

Research Line

Advanced Robotics


IIT Central Research Lab Genova


+39 010 71781 412


PhD in New Automobile Technologies, University of Zaragoza (2008). He worked as a researcher in the Area of Transports and in the Area of Mechanics of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza. In 2004 he was guest professor at the “ENSI de Bourges”. His principal research fields are motion bases, driving simulators, teleoperation, telepresence, teleexistence, virtual reality and GPGPU computing. He has participated in five European Projects and in more than 10 international and national projects. He has over 20 international publications. He has received two awards in 2005 for two different research works about teleoperation and driving simulators.


International projects, public funds:

Robo-Mate: Intelligent exoskeleton based on human-robot interaction for manipulation of heavy goods in Europe’s factories of the future. European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7, Theme FoF.NMP.2013-7, “New hybrid production systems in advanced factory environments based on new human-robot interactive cooperation”, under grant agreement no: 608979. From September 2013.

MICRORALP: Micro-technologies and systems for robot-assisted laser phonomicrosurgery. European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 “Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics” under grant agreement - no 288233. From September 2013.

TELEDOC: telerehabilitation system using haptic interfaces and virtual reality techniques. European project CRAF - 2002 - 71851. From December 2002 to January 2005.

TELEDRIVE: vehicle tele-operation system for application to entertainment, research and remote interventions. European project IST - 1999 - 57451. From September 2002 to October 2004.

SIMUSYS: innovative high-performance motion simulation system for entertainment, research and drivers training applications. European project IST - 1999 - 56418. From January 2001 to December 2002.

International projects, private funds:

Musclecuda Project. With NURC (NATO Undersea Research Centre). From January 2012 to June 2012.

Stress Analysis of a Refrigerator Door. With BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. From November 2005 to July 2006.

Desarrollo de subsistemas para vehículos teleoperados (Development of subsystems for teleoperated vehicles). Reserach contract with Centre de Robotique Intégrée d'Ile de France (CRIIF). From October 2002 to February 2004.

Cálculo y simulación dinámica de vehículos teleoperados (Calculation and Dynamic Simulation of Teleoperated Vehicles). Research contract with Centre de Robotique Intégrée d'Ile de France (CRIIF). From October 2001 to February 2002.

National projects, public funds:

Sistema de teleoperación de vehículos para la investigación, entretenimiento e intervenciones remotas. Ist-1999-57451. Special Action CICYT TIC2002-12414-E. From December 2004 to November 2005.

Simulador de conducción interactivo para los sectores de la feria y el entretenimiento. Innovaragón Coopera Project, Diputación General de Aragón, Project ITA 1526. From February 2003 to April 2004.

SIMUSYS: innovative high-performance motion simulation system for entertainment, research and drivers training applications. Special Action CICYT TIC2002-10288-E. From March 2003 to February 2004.

National projects, private funds:

FX2 Project. With BSH Electrodomésticos España, S.A. From November 2006 to January 2007.

Grupo oscilante de eje inclinado 13 grados para carga de 9 Kg. With BSH Electrodomésticos España, S.A. From June 2006 to August 2006.

Modelo cinemático de plataforma móvil accionada por 8 actuadores acoplados geométricamente. With ARIES Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A. From march 2006 to May 2006.

Cálculo por elementos finitos del contenedor ISO de doble cisterna. For Ebrotank, S.L. From May 2006 to July 2006.

Influencia de la Ingesta de Caramelos en las Aptitudes para la Conducción de Automóviles. From June 2005 to July 2005.

Desarrollo de un vehículo instrumentado teleoperado. For Idiada Automotive Technology S.A. From December 2004 to March 2005.

IIT internal projects:

Hydraulically Actuated Quadruped - HyQ. Project funded by the Fondazione Istituto others Italiano di Tecnologia. From November 2011.

Selected Publications


S. Baselga y J. Ortiz. El frenado en vehículos de carretera. Descripción, cálculo y reglamentación, 2005.

M.Maza, S. Baselga y J. Ortiz. Problemas de diseño de vehículos, ISBN: 84-96267-O, Legal deposit: Z-3017-2004. Editorial Kronos, Zaragoza, 2004.

Journal papers:

J. Colmenares, A. Galizia, J. Ortiz, A. Clematis and W. Rocchia. "A Combined MPI-CUDA Parallel Solution of Linear and Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation", BioMed Research International. vol. 2014, Article ID 560987, 12 pages, 2014.

J. Colmenares, J. Ortiz and W. Rocchia. "GPU linear and nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann solver module for DelPhi", Bioinformatics. 2013.

M. Maza, and J. Ortiz. "Humanoid Motion Replication by a Spherical Motion Base", International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR). ISSN.: 0219-8436. 2007.

J. Llado, B. Sanchez, J. Ortiz, A. Martinez, F. Perez, B. Martin del Rio, T. Pollan, E. Laloya, and J. Vicuna. "Dynamic behavior analysis of a switched reluctance motor", Acoustical Society of America Journal. 119 (2006): 3385, 2006.

International conference papers:

A. Winkler, I. Havoutis, S. Bazeille, J. Ortiz, M. Focchi, R. Dillmann, D. G. Caldwell and C. Semini. "Path Planning with Force-Based Foothold Adaptation and Virtual Model Control for Torque Controlled Quadruped Robots", 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2014), Hong-Kong (China), 2014.

N. Deshpande, J. Ortiz, D. G. Caldwell, L. Mattos. "Enhanced Computer-Assisted Laser Microsurgeries with a Virtual Microscope Based Surgical System", 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2014), Hong-Kong (China), 2014.

I. Havoutis, J. Ortiz, S. Bazeille, V. Barasoul, C. Semini, and D. G. Caldwell. "Onboard Perception-Based Trotting and Crawling with the Hydraulic Quadruped Robot (HyQ)", IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2013), Tokyo (Japan), 2013.

F. Baralli, J. Ortiz, and M. Couillard. "GPU-Based Real-Time Synthetic Aperture Sonar Processing OnBoard Autonomous Underwater Vehicles", Oceans’13 MTS/IEEE Bergen, Bergen (Norway), 2013.

J. Colmenares, J. Ortiz, S. Decherchi, A. Fijany, and W. Rocchia. "Solving the Linearized Poisson-Boltzmann Equation on GPUs using CUDA", The 21st Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2013), Belfast (Northen Ireland), 2013.

J. Ortiz, and F. Baralli. "GPU-Based Real-Time Synthetic Aperture Sonar Processing On-Board Autonomous Underwater Vehicles", GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2013), San Jose (USA), 2013.

J. Ortiz, L. S. Mattos, and D. G. Caldwell. "Smart Devices in Robot-Assisted Laser Microsurgery: Towards Ubiquitous Tele-Cooperation", 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO2012), Guangzhou (China), 2012.

T. Hoinville, A. Naceri, J. Ortiz, E. Bernier, R. Chellali, "Performances of experienced and novices sportball players in heading virtual spinning soccer balls", IEEE 2011 International Conference on Virtual Reality (VR2011), Singapore, 2011.

A. Naceri, T. Hoinville, R. Chellali, J. Ortiz, S. Henning, "Do Observers Perceive Depth in Reaching Task within Virtual Environments?", ASME 2011 World Conference on Innovative Virtual Reality (WINVR 2011), Milan (Italy), 2011.

S. Saliceti, J. Ortiz, A. Cardellino, L. Rossi, J-G. Fontaine, "Fusion of Tactile sensing and Haptic feedback for unknown object identification aimed to Tele-manipulation", IEEE 2010 International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI2010), Salt Lake City (USA), 2010.

J.Ortiz, M. Maza, J-G. Fontaine, "Descripción de una interfaz multisensorial para la teleoperación de vehículos", IV Congreso Bolivariano de Ingeniería mecánica (COBOIM2010), Cochabamba (Bolivia), 2010.

H. Calderon, J. Ortiz, J-G. Fontaine, "High Parallel Disparity Map Computing on FPGA", 2010 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA2010), Qingdao (China), 2010.

J. Ortiz, H. Calderon, J-G. Fontaine, "Disparity Map Computation on Scalable Computing", 2010 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA2010), Qingdao (China), 2010.

L. Brayda, J. Ortiz, N. Mollet, R. Chellali, J-G. Fontaine. "Seeking perceptual-based metrics to assess the visuo-motor loop in mobile robot teleoperation", The 4th IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM2010), Singapore, 2010.

J. Ortiz, L. Brayda, N. Mollet, R. Chellali, J-G. Fontaine. "Measuring the effects of visual feedback on mobile robot teleoperation", Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC2010), Laval (France), 2010. 

L. Brayda, J. Ortiz, N. Mollet, R. Chellali, J-G. Fontaine. "Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of vision-based teleoperation of a mobile robot", International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA2009), Singapore, 2009.

H. Calderón, J. Ortiz y J-G. Fontaine. "Disparity Map Hardware Accelerator", 2008 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig'08), Cancun (Mexico), 2008.

J. Ortiz, C. Tapia, L. Rossi, J-G. Fontaine y M. Maza. "Description and tests of a multisensorial driving interface for teleoperation", The 11th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2008 (ITSC08), Beijing (China), 2008.

J. Lladó, B. Sánchez, J. Ortiz, D. Valladares, A. Martínez, F. José Pérez, B. Martín, E. Laloya, T. Pollán y J. Vicuña. "Acoustic Behaviour of a Switched Reluctance Motor", The Thirteenth International Congress of Sound and Vibration, Wien (Austria), 2006.

B. Sánchez, J. Lladó, J. Ortiz, D. Valladares, C. Pina, S. Llorente y P. Hernández. "Acoustic Characterization of an Induction Cooker", The Thirteenth International Congress of Sound and Vibration, Wien (Austria), 2006.

M. Maza, S. Baselga y J. Ortiz. "Vehicle Teleoperation with a Multisensory Driving Interface", Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR), CSIC, Madrid (Spain), ISBN: 3-540-22992-2, pp. 435-444, 2004.

M. Maza, S. Baselga y J. Ortiz. "Approaches to the Generation of Whole Body Motion Sensation in Teleoperation", Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR), CSIC, Madrid (Spain), ISBN: 3-540-22992-2, pp. 445-452, 2004.

National conference papers:

A. Naceri, T. Hoinville, R. Chellali, J. Ortiz, E. Bernier, "Evaluation of Observers Depth Perception in Reaching Task Within Virtual Environment", 5èmes journées de l'AFRV (Association Française de Réalité Virtuelle, Augmentée, Mixte et d'Interaction 3d) (AFRV2010), Paris (France), 2010.

M. Maza, S. Baselga y J. Ortiz. "Simulador de Conducción Dinámico para el Entrenamiento de Conductores", VI Congreso de Ingeniería del Transporte, Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), vol. 4, pp. 2303-2310, 2004.

Conference workshops:

J. Ortiz, L. S. Mattos and D. G. Caldwell, “User interfaces in computer-assisted and robot-assisted surgery”, Workshop on robot-assisted laryngeal microsurgery at the IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomecatronics (BioRob2012), Rome (Italy). June 24, 2012.

Invited seminars:

J.Ortiz, "Teleoperación y telepresencia", IV Congreso Bolivariano de Ingeniería mecánica (COBOIM2010), Cochabamba (Bolivia). August 11-14, 2010.


Tele Nano Drive: From Macro to Micro Teleoperation Platforms for Nano Worlds Exploration. In "Laval Virtual 2005. Rencontres Internationales de la Réalité Virtuelle". September 2005.

Desarrollo de un simulador de conducción para el estudio del comportamiento de los conductores en un entorno urbano. In the VII 3M Foundation Awards to the Innovation. October 5th 2005.


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I numeri di IIT

L’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) è una fondazione di diritto privato - cfr. determinazione Corte dei Conti 23/2015 “IIT è una fondazione da inquadrare fra gli organismi di diritto pubblico con la scelta di un modello di organizzazione di diritto privato per rispondere all’esigenza di assicurare procedure più snelle nella selezione non solo nell’ambito nazionale dei collaboratori, scienziati e ricercatori ”.

IIT è sotto la vigilanza del Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca e del Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze ed è stato istituito con la Legge 326/2003. La Fondazione ha l'obiettivo di promuovere l'eccellenza nella ricerca di base e in quella applicata e di favorire lo sviluppo del sistema economico nazionale. La costruzione dei laboratori iniziata nel 2006 si è conclusa nel 2009.

Lo staff complessivo di IIT conta circa 1440 persone. L’area scientifica è rappresentata da circa l’85% del personale. Il 45% dei ricercatori proviene dall’estero: di questi, il 29% è costituito da stranieri provenienti da oltre 50 Paesi e il 16% da italiani rientrati. Oggi il personale scientifico è composto da circa 60 principal investigators, circa 110 ricercatori e tecnologi di staff, circa 350 post doc, circa 500 studenti di dottorato e borsisti, circa 130 tecnici. Oltre 330 posti su 1400 creati su fondi esterni. Età media 34 anni. 41% donne / 59 % uomini.

Nel 2015 IIT ha ricevuto finanziamenti pubblici per circa 96 milioni di euro (80% del budget), conseguendo fondi esterni per 22 milioni di euro (20% budget) provenienti da 18 progetti europei17 finanziamenti da istituzioni nazionali e internazionali, circa 60 progetti industriali

La produzione di IIT ad oggi vanta circa 6990 pubblicazioni, oltre 130 finanziamenti Europei e 11 ERC, più di 350 domande di brevetto attive, oltre 12 start up costituite e altrettante in fase di lancio. Dal 2009 l’attività scientifica è stata ulteriormente rafforzata con la creazione di dieci centri di ricerca nel territorio nazionale (a Torino, Milano, Trento, Parma, Roma, Pisa, Napoli, Lecce, Ferrara) e internazionale (MIT ed Harvard negli USA) che, unitamente al Laboratorio Centrale di Genova, sviluppano i programmi di ricerca del piano scientifico 2015-2017.

IIT: the numbers

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a public research institute that adopts the organizational model of a private law foundation. IIT is overseen by Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca and Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze (the Italian Ministries of Education, Economy and Finance).  The Institute was set up according to Italian law 326/2003 with the objective of promoting excellence in basic and applied research andfostering Italy’s economic development. Construction of the Laboratories started in 2006 and finished in 2009.

IIT has an overall staff of about 1,440 people. The scientific staff covers about 85% of the total. Out of 45% of researchers coming from abroad 29% are foreigners coming from more than 50 countries and 16% are returned Italians. The scientific staff currently consists of approximately 60 Principal Investigators110 researchers and technologists350 post-docs and 500 PhD students and grant holders and 130 technicians. External funding has allowed the creation of more than 330 positions . The average age is 34 and the gender balance proportion  is 41% female against 59% male.

In 2015 IIT received 96 million euros in public funding (accounting for 80% of its budget) and obtained 22 million euros in external funding (accounting for 20% of its budget). External funding comes from 18 European Projects, other 17 national and international competitive projects and approximately 60 industrial projects.

So far IIT accounts for: about 6990 publications, more than 130 European grants and 11 ERC grants, more than 350 patents or patent applications12 up start-ups and as many  which are about to be launched. The Institute’s scientific activity has been further strengthened since 2009 with the establishment of 11 research nodes throughout Italy (Torino, Milano, Trento, Parma, Roma, Pisa, Napoli, Lecce, Ferrara) and abroad (MIT and Harvard University, USA), which, along with the Genoa-based Central Lab, implement the research programs included in the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan.