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Leonardo Sileo

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Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems


CBN@UniLe Lecce


Center For Biomolecular Nanotechnologies - IIT@UNILE
+39 0832 1816 226
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Leonardo Sileo graduated (master degree) in Materials Engineering at "Università del Salento", Italy, in December 2007 and earned a PhD in Biomolecular Nanotechnologies in July 2013 with "Dipartimento Ingegneria dell'Innovazione" of "Università del Salento". During his doctoral activity, he worked in the labs of the IIT Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies IIT@UNILE, applying conventional and advanced micro- and nano-fabrication technologies for the development of novel devices for neurophysiology. 

Leonardo Sileo is currently hired as a postdoc in the frame of the Harvard-IIT joint research program, where he is in charge of the activities on fabrication of optrodes for in-vivo optogenetics.


IIT Publications


-  F. Pisanello, L. Sileo, I. A. Oldenburg, M. Pisanello, L. Martiradonna, J. A. Assad, B. L. Sabatini, M. De Vittorio, "Multipoint emitting optical fibers for spatially addressable in-vivo optogenetics", in Press in Neuron (2014),

L. Sileo, F. Pisanello, L. Quarta, A. Maccione, A. Simi, L. Berdondini, M. De Vittorio, L. Martiradonna "Electrical Coupling of Mammalian Neurons to Microelectrodes with 3D Nanoprotrusions", Microelectronic Engineering 111, 384-390 (2013).

L. Sileo, L. Martiradonna, P. Arcuti, G. Monti, V. Tasco, M. dal Maschio, G. Pruzzo, B. Bozzini, L. Tarricone, M. De Vittorio "Wireless system for biological signal recording with Gallium Arsenide high electron mobility transistors as sensing elements". Microelectronic Engineering 111, 354-359 (2013)

 - F. Pisanello, L. Martiradonna, L. Sileo, V. Brunetti, G. Vecchio, M. A. Malvindi, G. Morello, M. Zanella, P. P. Pompa, L. Manna, M. De Vittorio "Highly luminescent, flexible and biocompatible Cadmium-based nanocomposites", Microelectronic Engineering 111, 299 (2013)

 - P. Arcuti, G. Monti, L. Tarricone, L. Sileo, L. Martiradonna, M. De Vittorio, A novel biotelemetry system to monitor human vital signs. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC EUROPE), 2012 International Symposium on6, 17-21 (2012).

- L. Martiradonna, L. Quarta, L. Sileo, A. Schertel, A. Maccione, A. Simi, S. Dante, A. Scarpellini, L. Berdondini, M. De Vittorio, "Beam induced deposition of 3D electrodes to improve coupling to cells", Microelectronic Engineering 97, 365-368 (2012).

L. Sileo, L. Martiradonna, V. Brunetti, V. Tasco, M. De Vittorio, "Gallium Arsenide passivation method for the employment of High Electron Mobility Transistors in liquid environment", Microelectronic Engineering 97, 333-336 (2012).

Book Chapters

 - L. Sileo, F. Pisanello, L. Martiradonna, M. De Vittorio, "Focused Ion Beam Technology as a Fabrication and Inspection Tool in Neuron Interfacing", 183-205 (Springer, New York, 2014).


- F. Pisanello, L. Martiradonna, L. Sileo, I. A,. Oldenburg, M. Pisanello, B. Sabatini, J. Assad, M. De Vittorio, “Optogenetic tool for multiple and independently addressing of patterned optical fiber, reference” Italian patent application #TO2013A000603. Application: 17th July 2013. 

Previous Publications


- M.T. Todaro, L. Sileo, G. Epifani, V. Tasco, R. Cingolani, M. De Vittorio, A. Passaseo, "A fully integrated GaAs-based three axis Hall magnetic sensor exploiting strain released structures". J. Micromech. Microeng. 20, 105013 (2010).

L. Sileo, M.T. Todaro, V. Tasco, M. De Vittorio, A. Passaseo, Fully integrated three-axis Hall magnetic sensor based on micromachined structures, Microelectron. Eng. 87, 1217-1219 (2010).

Book chapters

- M.T. Todaro, L. Sileo, M. De Vittorio, Magnetic field sensors based on MEMS technology (In Tech., 2012).


- M.T. Todaro, L. Sileo, V. Tasco, M. De Vittorio, R. Cingolani, A. Passaseo, Giordano C., "Integrated magnetic triaxial sensor".EP2261684

Selected Publications



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