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Luca Berdondini

Senior Researcher Tenured - Principal Investigator
Senior Researcher

Research Line

Microtechnology for Neuroelectronics


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Via Morego 30
+39 010 2896 520
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Luca Berdondini was born in 1974, in Locarno, Switzerland. He is a Senior Researcher at the Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT, Genova, Italy), leading the IIT-NetS3 laboratory at the Dpt. of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies.

He received in 1999 a M.Sc. degree in microengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL), with a Master Thesis at Caltech (USA) by Prof. J. Pine. After a short working experience in robotics at K-Team SA (Switzerland), he began his Ph.D. studies in the field of bio-electrochemical MEMs at the Sensors Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory (Samlab, EPFL, Switzerland) under the coordination of Prof. M. Koudelka-Hep and Prof. N.F. De Rooij. In 2003 he received his PhD with a thesis on nano-/micro-fabricated interfaces and CMOS devices for large-scale high-resolution electrophysiology (Samlab, EPFL, Switzerland), based on the concept of active-pixel-sensor arrays (APS-MEAs).

At IIT, his laboratory converges a multidisciplinary research effort where scientists in neuroscience, engineering, biophysics and computation work in synergy on the development and experimental use of instrumentation integrating novel generations of sensing devices realized with microelectronics, micro-/nano-structuring, novel materials and biotechnologies. His research line targets large-scale sensing, actuation and analysis of neuronal activity at multiple scales in large neuronal assemblies and brain circuits, for experimental research in neuroscience and for potential applications in clinical neuroprosthetics, for neuro-pharmacological/toxicological screenings as well as for deriving brain-inspired artificial ICTs. The laboratory research is supported by funding from the European Community, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Italian Agencies as well as through collaborations with the industry.

Luca Berdondini is among the pioneers of CMOS-based multielectrode arrays for electrophysiology and co-founder of 3Brain GmbH (now 3Brain AG, Wädenswil, Switzerland).

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

  1. G. N. Angotzi, M. Malerba, F. Boi, E. Miele, A. Maccione, H. Amin, M. Crepaldi, L. Berdondini (2018) A Synchronous Neural Recording Platform for Multiple High-Resolution CMOS Probes and Passive Electrode Arrays, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 12:3, pp. 532-542.
  2. T. Nieus, V. D’Andrea, H. Amin, S. Di Marco, H. Safaai, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini, S. Panzeri (2018) State-dependent representation of stimulus-evoked activity in high-density recordings of neural cultures Sci Rep. 8:5578.
  3. H. Amin, M. Dipalo, F. De Angelis, L. Berdondini (2018) Biofunctionalized 3D Nanopillar Arrays Fostering Cell Guidance and Promoting Synapse Stability and Neuronal Activity in Networks, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10, 17, 15207-15215.
  4. M. Crepaldi, G. N. Angotzi, A. Maviglia, F. Diotalevi, L. Berdondini (2018) A 5 pJ/pulse at 1-Gpps Pulsed Transmitter Based on Asynchronous Logic Master–Slave PLL Synthesis, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 54:3.
  5. H. Amin H, F. Marinaro, D.D.P. Tonelli, L. Berdondini (2017) Developmental excitatory-to-inhibitory GABA-polarity switch is disrupted in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: A potential target for clinical therapeutics, Sci Rep. 7:15752.
  6. D. Lonardoni, H. Amin, S. Di Marco, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini*, T. Nieus* (2017) Recurrently connected and localized neuronal communities initiate coordinated spontaneous activity in neuronal networks, PLoS Comput. Biol. 13(7): e1005672.
  7. H. Amin, T. Nieus, D. Lonardoni, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini (2017) High-resolution bioelectrical imaging of Aβ-induced network dysfunction on CMOS-MEAs for neurotoxicity and rescue studies, Sci Rep. 7(1):2460.
  8. M. Dipalo, H. Amin, L. Lovato, F. Moia, V. Caprettini, G. C. Messina, F. Tantussi, L. Berdondini, F. De Angelis (2017) Intracellular and extracellular recording of spontaneous action potentials in mammalian neurons and cardiac cells with 3D plasmonic nano-electrodes, Nano Lett 17(6):3932-3939.
  9. S. Dante, A. Petrelli, E. Petrini, R. Marotta, A. Maccione, A. Alabastri, A. Quarta, F. De Donato, T. Ravasenga, A. Sathya, R. Cingolani, R. Proietti Zaccaria, L. Berdondini*, A. Barberis*, T. Pellegrino* (2017) Selective targeting of neurons with inorganic nanoparticles: revealing the crucial role of nanoparticle surface charge, ACS Nano 11, 7, 6630-6640.
  10. G. Hilgen, M. Sorbaro, S. Pirmoradian, J. O. Muthmann, I. E. Kepiro, S. Ullo, C. J. Ramirez, A. P. Encinas, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini, V. Murino, D. Sona, F. Cella Zanacchi, E. Sernagor, M. Helge Hennig (2017) Unsupervised Spike Sorting for Large-Scale High-Density Multielectrode Arrays, Cell Rep 18:2521–2532.
  11. O. Barca-Mayo, M. Pons-Espinal, P. Follert, A. Armirotti, L. Berdondini*, D. De Pietri Tonelli* (2017) Astrocyte deletion of Bmal1 alters daily locomotor activity and cognitive functions via GABA signaling, Nat. Comun 8:2041-1723.
  12. H. Amin, A. Maccione, F. Marinaro, S. Zordan, T. Nieus, L. Berdondini (2016) Electrical Responses and Spontaneous Activity of Human iPS-Derived Neuronal Networks Characterized for 3-month Culture with 4096-Electrode Arrays, Front. Neurosci. 10:121.
  13. G. C. Messina, M. Dipalo, R. La Rocca, P. Zilio, V. Caprettini, R. Proietti, Z. A. Toma, F. Tantussi, L. Berdondini, F. De Angelis (2015) Spatially, Temporally, and Quantitatively Controlled Delivery of Broad Range of Molecules into Selected Cells through Plasmonic Nanotubes, Adv. Mater. 27(44):7145-7149.
  14. A. Maccione, M. Gandolfo, S. Zordan, H. Amin, S. Di Marco, T. Nieus, G. N. Angotzi, L. Berdondini (2015) Microelectronics, bioinformatics and neurocomputation for massive neuronal recordings in brain circuits with large scale multielectrode array probes, Brain Res Bull. 119:118-126.
  15. D. Panas, H. Amin, A. Maccione, O. Muthmann, M. van Rossum, L. Berdondini*, M.H. Hennig* (2015) Sloppiness in Spontaneously Active Neuronal Networks, J. Neurosci. 35(22)8480-8492.
  16. M. Dipalo, G. C. Messina, H. Amin, R. La Rocca, V. Shalabaeva, A. Simi, A. Maccione, P. Zilio, L. Berdondini*, F. De Angelis* (2015) 3D plasmonic nanoantennas integrated with MEA biosensors, Nanoscale, 7 (8), pp. 3703-3711.
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  18. S. Ullo, T. R. Nieus, D. Sona, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini* and V. Murino* (2014) Functional connectivity estimation over large networks at cellular resolution based on electrophysiological recordings and structural prior, Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 8 (NOV), 137.
  19. A. Petrelli, E. Marconi, M. Salerno, D. De Pietri Tonelli, L. Berdondini*, S. Dante* (2013) Nano-volume drop patterning for rapid on-chip neuronal connect-ability assays, Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology, 13 (22), pp. 4419-4429.
  20. E. Ferrea, A. Maccione, L. Medrihan, T. Nieus, D. Ghezzi, P. Baldelli, F. Benfenati, L. Berdondini (2012) Large-scale, high-resolution electrophysiological imaging of field potentials in brain slices with microelectronic multielectrode arrays, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2012;6:80. Nov 14.
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