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Lucilla Cardinali

Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Line

Cognition, Motion and Neuroscience


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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Lucilla received a B.A. in Cognitive Psychology and a Master in Neuropsychology from the University of Bologna, Italy. She moved to Lyon, France for her PhD in Neuroscience at INSERM-Unit 864 (currently Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre) under the supervision of dr. Alessandro Farnè. Her thesis focused on plasticity of body representations in adults and tools incorporation.

Past Experience

Lucilla won a Post Doctoral Fellowship from Fyssen Foundation and moved to London, Ontario to pursue her work on body plasticity in adults with prof. Jody Culham at the Brain and Mind Institute, Western University. During this period she also obtained a travel grant from Boehringer Institute to work with prof. Tamar Makin at the “Brain and Hand Lab” in Oxford on visuo-motor coordination in Amputees.


Her research interest focuses on the brain-body dialogue, trying to understand how the developing brain builds and updates representations of the body; which sensory information participate in the process and how they do so; how neurodevelopmental disorders affect body representation and, in turn, how this relates to motor and cognitive deficits.

The goal is to twofold: to describe body representations in typical development and to create diagnostic tools for early detection of deficits.


2015 Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds

Travel grant for collaboration with Dr. Tamar Makin at Hand&Brain Lab, FMRIB, Oxford University


2011 “Fédération Aveugles de France” (French Blind Association) 

Research Prize (Project title: “Body Schema plasticity without vision”)


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