A degree in research

IIT gives the opportunity to graduate students to earn a doctorate degree in its state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. PhD students can develop their research programme within IIT scientific activity, working every day in IIT laboratories, collaborating with cross-disciplinary scientific teams and attending seminars and specific courses.

Training programmes

The PhD courses arise from a close collaboration between IIT and Italian Universities.

Italian Universities are responsible for the organizational and training aspects, and for the awarding of the final degree, whereas IIT supports PhD scholarships and plans the scientific activity.

Recruiting process

These pages list the PhD positions available; since the PhD is enrolled in a University, all applicants must refer to the University web site, through the link provided for every position, for the procedures necessary to apply.

Call for application to PhD Courses established in agreement with the Università degli Studi di Genova, XXXIII cycle

To apply, refer to the University website: official call for application

Deadline: June 13th 2017


Dear prospective applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the PhD course jointly offered by the University of Genoa and the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology, IIT). If have got this far then please read on to prepare the best possible application and increase your chances of getting a position in our world class research facility. This is an unofficial tip & tricks section to help you through the application process with relative ease. We want to help you select the PhD theme and course that best fits your interest. It is an important choice for your future career. Please spend some time thinking about it and feel free to contact us to get more information. A caveat, "us" means here the researcher responsible a specific PhD position/theme. They are all indicated (with contact emails) later in the documents.

Please bear in mind this fundamental element: PhD is awarded by the University, which therefore has the duty of verifying that all aspects for a PhD application and candidature are in order. Once enrolled, all research activities and most of the training will be offered by and at IIT, which therefore shares with the University the organizational aspects of the course.

In order to apply for a position, please consider carefully:

Official Documents

The official documents are posted on the University of Genoa website. The starting point is this one:


Before rushing to the application, you may wish to consider the PhD courses offered and, in particular, within them, the research themes for which you apply. You may thus want to read them carefully. The page provides also some preliminary information about the application process.
You are encouraged to contact the reference person for the theme you are interested in.


Application is electronic/online (ONLY) and consists of two fundamental steps:

Required Documents

The application requires a number of documents about you. Read carefully what is required before applying. The complete list is in the "bando (the official call)"at page 2 and 3 and includes:
  • Your CV
  • A scanned copy of your ID (identification document, such as your passport)
  • Your academic degrees, with extended description of your thesis (where available)
  • A transcript of your courses and exams for each degree (bachelor, master's, etc.)
  • You will also have to prepare a short scientific analysis of the project you may want to develop during your PhD starting from the synopses offered (the resarch themes mentioned earlier). This is important! Check the template by following this link (PDF).
  • Finally, a declaration of truthfulness about all the documents your are filing. The Draft of this declaration will be offered during the registration process in order to be filled and submitted (it involves printing and scanning)
The University provides support in case you have further questions. Contact pages, telephone and email contacts are available directly on the application pages.


Please note that, when you start the application process, the online form will list countries in Italian. In case you need to find the Italian name of your country, we suggest to visit the Wikipedia English page dedicated to your country - for example, for China this is http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/China - then select the link of the Italian translation of the same page, which is under the "Languages" menu on the left. Select "Italiano". This will send you to the Italian page of the country of interest - as e.g., this leads to http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cina. This should hopefully do for every case.
List of the research themes for all curricula established with Università degliStudi di Genova.

Course in Bioengineering and Robotics

Course in Neuroscience

Course in “Science and technologies of Chemistry and materials

Course in Science and technologies for electronic and telecommunication engineering

Course in Physics