IIT - being in the forefront among major research institutes at global level - is committed to excellence in the environmental management of its facilities and services, with respect to use of its own goods and towards local and global community IIT belongs to. In particular, with the aim of a continuous improvement, IIT is committed: 

  • To protect the environment and to promote its defense, identifying the areas that can be affected by IIT’s research or supporting activities;
  •  To employ all necessary means to ensure compliance to applicable environmental laws and to meet  existing best practice;
  •  To reach an high standard for institutional responsibility for environmental management;
  •  To promote research and innovation including environmental protection principles nevertheless keeping independence in the research scope


In order to reach its own objectives IIT is intending:

  • To reduce to the minimum situations resulting in having potential negative impacts on the environment with the aim to protect human health and the surroundings:
  • To optimize garbage production and to additionally promote recycling and salvage activities;
  • To improve efficiency in the use of natural resources (e.g. energy, water, paper);
  • To pay special attention to handling of dangerous goods that IIT buys, uses and produces;
  • To reduce its contribution to pollution (e.g. air, water pollution);
  • To develop awareness of environmental impacts connected to logistics and mobility;
  • To define operational models taking into due consideration environmental perspectives in any working activities;
  • To carry on with making aware and training employees on environmental matters;
  • To select suppliers using additional criteria of paying attention to the environment and promoting adoption of behaviors showing respect for the environment against all trading counterparts;
  • To measure and continuously improving performances related to environmental matters both regarding research and support activities while keeping highest transparency and attention towards stakeholders;
  • To constantly update Environment Management System.


IIT acts at all organizational levels with the aim to foster the growth of an internal culture and to pursue sustainability principles promoting individual responsibility, people centrality, experiences and knowledge sharing among staff to obtain a responsible behavior  with regard to environmental protection. Moreover the appointment of a Coordinator for Environment Management System is foreseen to look after duly fulfillment of objectives which have been set. Such objectives - converted into measurable targets – will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure the alignment with potential new requirements regarding environmental matters and changes in IIT’s activities. 


The Environmental Policy is publicly accessible and conveyed to personnel, suppliers and all involved stakeholders.