Article 1. Purposes

The Italian Institute of Technology Foundation considers the implementation of every possible initiative aimed to guarantee the highest level of safety for its workers in all places where the Foundation operates to be of essential relevance. This Health and Safety Policy:

  • is a fundamental and essential reference for all participants in the life of the organization and for all those who, external to the Foundation, have relations with it;
  • has to make people understand the principles that inspire every action of the organization, with a view to everyone's health and safety, and which everyone must follow in relation to the role and the responsibilities assumed in the Foundation;
  • suggests the mission of the Foundation in terms of health and safety at work, stating the underlying motivations, the firm will of the Foundation's top management to pursue the objectives set, the awareness of the desired results to strive for, the responsibilities to be assumed.

Article 2. Objectives

The Italian Institute of Technology Foundation proposes to provide organizational, instrumental and economic resources aiming for the improvement of health and safety of workers in the workplace and in particular:

  • Minimizing the health and safety risks of all personnel entering the Foundation's workplaces;
  • Continuously improving its performance in relation to health and safety in the workplace and related management methods;
  • Promoting a "safety culture" throughout the Foundation, that is, the adoption of behaviors based on the protection of one's own and others' safety and health, through continuous training and information programs.

Article 3. Strategies

In order to achieve these objectives, the Foundation undertakes to activate an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SGSSL), as an integrated part of its work organization. The Foundation is committed to facing the security aspects of all existing business activities and future planning, as relevant aspects of its business. It also undertakes to organize the entire corporate structure: Employer, Unit Managers, Executives, Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP), Supervisors, Safety officers, Scientific/technical/ administrative employees, Collaborators, Posted workers, Associates, Affiliates, Visitors, so that everyone is involved, according to their responsibilities and competencies, in achieving the assigned safety objectives. The Foundation is committed to:

  • Considering the compliance with current legislation on safety and health at work to be a priority;
  • disseminating information on corporate risks to all workers and training and updating the workers with specific reference to the task performed;
  • guaranteeing consultation of workers, even through the workers' safety representative (RLS), in regards to aspects of safety and health at work;
  • training, informing and sensitizing all workers in order to let them perform their assigned safety duties;
  • taking part, according to its powers and competences, to the achievement of the assigned safety objectives;
  • carrying out the design, construction and acquisition of machines, plants and equipment, the structure of the workplace, the operating methods and the organizational aspects in such a way that the health of workers, third parties and the community in which the Foundation operates is safeguarded
  • quickly and effectively responding to emerging needs during the work activities
  • promoting cooperation between the various resources of the Foundation, collaboration with business organizations and external institutions of national and international excellence;
  • Endorsing preventive actions and internal investigations aimed to protect the safety and health of all workers, in order to significantly reduce the probability of occurrence of accidents, injuries or other non-conformities;
  • periodically reviewing the Policy, the Objectives and the implementation of the SGSSL, in order to achieve a continuous improvement of the level of health and safety at work within the Foundation.

Article 4. Fulfilment

The Scientific Director, identified as the Employer of the Italian Institute of Technology Foundation, is involved in the respect and implementation of the above-listed commitments, he guarantees the necessary economic resources, he ensures and periodically checks that the SGSSL Policy is documented, made operational, maintained active, periodically reviewed, disseminated to all the staff and made available to the public