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The Clean Room Facility is purpose-built for supporting IIT researchers in their scientific activities, providing state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive micro- and nano-fabrication processing knowledge.

The laboratories offer a cross-disciplinary platform for advanced fabrication technologies, mastering unique expertise in the top-down realization of unconventional 3D devices. Strategic tools to pursue forefront research in material science, nanophotonics, biology and nanomedicine are comprehensively provided.

The facility operates the ISO6 and ISO7 cleanrooms with leading-edge equipment for the top-down patterning at the nano and micro-scale, physical and chemical vapor deposition, wet and dry processing, metrology, and device characterization. Substrates from single chip up to 6 inches wafers can be processed.

Users who want to access the cleanroom area must attend a dedicated safety course and operative hands-on training within applied micro- and nano-fabrication techniques.