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The Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF), located at IIT Central Research Laboratory, is an advanced laboratory providing expertise in electron microscopy (EM), ranging from preparation to the EM-based analysis of the relevant aspects of a wide variety of systems (biological samples, inorganic/organic materials, combinations of them). Our services are aimed toward widespread scientific needs of ours collaborators/users. The six members of the EMF staff can assist researchers defining the optimum strategies, providing results to specific scientific questions and, when applicable, providing training/assistance on the use of specific techniques/instrumentations.


The equipment of the EMF consists of two scanning EMs (SEMs: JSM-6490LA, JSM-7500FA) and four transmission EMs (TEMs: JEM-1011, JEM-1400Plus, JEM-2200FS, Tecnai F20), most of them with analytical capabilities, and a well-equipped set of EM preparation instrumentation. The EMF staff's expertise can provide imaging (BF-TEM, ADF/HAADF-STEM) and structural/compositional/morphological (SAED, HRTEM, EDS, EFTEM, EELS, tomography) analysis on a wide range of specimens, even within the native solvent (cryo-EM/tomography, liquid cell experiments).