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The Electronic Design Laboratory (EDL) is an advanced electronic design service facility skilled on the design and implementation of electronic systems with particular emphasis on applicability to scientific research. The EDL is qualified for the development of flexible electronic devices and optimized for high Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

The electronic design is achieved by a group of 10 engineers and covers at 360 degrees the needs of IIT's researchers with emphasis on advanced motor control, read-out and signal conditioning systems, data transmission systems and low power wireless systems.

The EDL achieves design using the widespread commercial software tools for embedded systems, while it is part of the Europractice consortium for microelectronic design. Our activities are supported by a warehouse and purchase management, component normalization and reworking, and advanced soldering systems.


The EDL owns validation equipment that include 10 oscilloscopes, 30 power supplies, 10 function generators, a pipeline of 20 continuously updated development kits, a rapid prototyping machine, 5 specific equipment for radio systems, an hysteresis baking bench, and a CAD lab for the design of printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.

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