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The Vectorial Nano-imaging research line starts its activity at the Center for Nano Science and Technology of IIT in Milano in September 2019. The research line is focused on creating structured light with complex optical field patterns, in a broad wavelength range, by means of optical metasurfaces. Metasurfaces use optically thin arrays of optical scatterers, such as nano-antennas, with sub-wavelength sizes and separations to obtain a spatially varying optical response, which moulds optical wavefronts at will. Each nano-element of a metasurface can impart a specific polarization state to the transmitted light, allowing to realize intensity patterns with inhomogeneous distributions of polarization directions. The Vectorial Nano-imaging research line will also develop state of the art Optical Scanning Probe Microscopes capable of imaging such complex optical fields with three-dimensional nanometric resolution as well as near-field imaging and spectroscopy of 2D materials, polymers and nanostructured surfaces.


New Researcher position opened - Deadline January 25th, 2021


ERC Consolidator Grant (CoG), PE8, ERC-2018-COG, METAmorphoses – Shapeshifting Metasurfaces for Chemically Selective Augmented Reality


  • Prof. Federico Capasso, Harvard University (USA) on Dielectric metasurfaces and Optical Nano-Imaging;
  • Prof. Carsten Ronning, University of Jena (Germany) on Near-field Optical microscopy of nanowires;
  • Dr. William L. Wilson, Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University (USA) on Near-field Microscopy;
  • Prof. Philip Kim, Harvard University (USA) on Near-field Microscopy of 2D materials;
  • Prof. James Edgar, Kansas State University (USA) on Nano-imaging of 2D materials;
  • Prof. Andrew Forbes, University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) on Exotic light beams from dielectric metasurfaces.