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The Graphene program is a technology-oriented program that targets novel applications based on graphene – the new bidimensional material derived from graphite and characterized by lightness, resistance, transparency, flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity – and on other two-dimensional (2D) crystals such as boron nitride and transition metal dicalchogenides. The four mainstreams of the program are: 2D crystal production, including large-scale production by liquid phase exfoliation and CVD growth; applications in energy storage and conversion, including Li-based batteries; flexible batteries and organic photovoltaics; novel composites for the manufacturing fields, including 2D materials-reinforced plastics and 3D printing and applications in the biotechnology sector, including biocompatibility and biodegradability studies.

The program is carried out though the IIT Graphene Labs, and it has multiple collaborative exchanges with the other IIT programs such as Brain Science, Robotics, Energy, New Materials. This activity is part of the decennial European Flagship program “Graphene”. (http://graphene-flagship.eu)