IIT has established a number of Joint Laboratories with major international companies and R&D entities. In these laboratories a scientific and technological road map is developed jointly by IIT scientists and the R&D staff of the partner institutions.


Created in 2019, the Joint Lab IIT-Bracco involves a variety of research lines and will be dedicated to research and development activities in technological areas of common interest; from diagnostic imaging to omics sciences, from healthcare and process automation robotics to material science, from neurosciences to computational sciences for molecular modeling and big data mining. Duration: 4 years.



Camozzi Logo

The company is a market leader in the production of components for industrial automation, particularly the pneumatics automation for possible applications in the areas of life science, health and the textile industry. During the first year, the joint lab activities are going to focus on automation and new materials developing high-value solutions such as the design of electromagnetic actuators for electrovalves, the production of conductive and durable seals and the manufacturing of tactile sensors for pneumatic pliers.
Duration: 5 years.



crestoptics logo

Joint Lab created in December 2014 for the development of new microscopy techniques. Duration: 2 years.



Danieli logo

IIT – Danieli Automation joint lab focused on the development of flexible robotic systems and automated solutions in the field of the steel processing. The aim of the lab is the reduction of the presence of workers in dangerous industrial environments. Duration: 2 years.




Laboratory dedicated to R&D in the field of innovative electromedical systems for stimulation and stimuli recording from the human nervous system. Duration: 2 years.



FDG logo P2955

Joint Lab created in 2017 in collaboration with Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS for the design, development, analysis and clinical validation of advanced technologies in the field of robotics, sensors, and new materials, to support patients’ rehabilitation and care. Duration: 3 years.




The joint lab with Honda Research Institute Japan (HRI-JP) main aim is to develop advanced control, perception and planning algorithms for humanoid-robot collaboration scenarios. The joint lab keywords, which characterise the research we develop, are ergonomy, cobots, and human-robot collaboration. Duration: 3 years.



IBM logo

Created in 2017 for enabling IIT’s robots to work smoothly in everyday scenarios in various domains like medical/hospital helper, shopping mall or airport information provider and home assistant. Duration: 3 years.


INAIL - IIT Rehab Technologies

Joint Lab created in December 2013 through an agreement between IIT and INAIL for the development and implementation of new prosthetic , orthotic and rehabilitation devices of high technological impact. Duration: 3 years.



Intellimech Logo

This joint laboratory results from the partnership with some of the main innovation players in Bergamo, a highly industrial and technological province. The joint lab, name JOiiNT LAB, is promoted by Intellimech, a consortium of companies aiming at fostering technology transfer and creating a synergy between the world of research and industrial needs, Confindustria Bergamo, a free, non-profit association of companies that plays a representative role of the industrial and tertiary enterprises of Bergamo and its province, Kilometro Rosso Innovation District, one of the places with the highest density of innovation at European level and the University of Bergamo. JOiiNT LAB core activities are in the fields of mechatronics, collaborative robotics, and wearable and immersive telepresence systems primarily for inspection and maintenance, and remote operations in hostile and difficult to reach workspaces. The JOiiNT LAB is located in the heart of the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Bergamo, with an initial duration of four years.



FM Mondino LOGO

Joint Lab created in 2018 in collaboration with Istituto Neurologico Nazionale Casimiro Mondino for the development of tests and rehabilitation technologies for young patients with visual impairment and for the analysis of their perceptive, motor, cognitive and neuropsychological habilities. Duration: 5 years



Gaslini logo

Joint Lab created in 2011 in collaboration with Istituto Giannina Gaslini for the development of new technologies and clinical procedures to investigate the motor, perceptive and cognitive abilities in pediatric subjects in normal and pathological conditions. Duration: 5 years.



The Nikon Imaging Centre at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (NIC@IIT) is a core facility for light microscopy developed in partnership with Nikon Instruments Italy. The NIC@IIT addresses the need of a wide community of scientists and professionals both at national and international level. Duration: 3 years.



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Joint Lab created in 2016 for the development of novel materials, the modification of cellulosic substrates, the optimization of industrial technologies and for the production of biocompatible/biodegradable food grade containers with enhanced performances. Duration: 5 years.



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Lab focused on the development of new Action-Observation Therapy models (AOT) able to generate a flow of different stimuli aimed at improving the plasticity of the human motor system through the activation of the so-called mirror neurons. Duration: 2 years.



Joint lab created in collaboration with Moog, world leading company focused on precision control components and systems, works on the development of next-generation actuation and control technologies for autonomous robots. IIT and Moog will work together to develop the required technologies to push autonomous robots into real-world applications and the market. Duration: 3 years.




Joint lab created in 2018 in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, focussed on the agri-food sector, in particular on the development of rapid molecular diagnostics methods, waste-derived new materials, and robotics for monitoring and management of crop systems.
Duration: 5 years.